Meet Our Crew

What You Want, When You Need it.

We might not be the biggest crew, but we are the baddest!

Like any good team, we each have a unique set of skills.

We work together and take personal pride in delivering quality prints in a timely fashion.
But, that doesn't mean we can't have fun while we do it!

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Johnney 178X178

Johnny: Our Fearless Leader!

Full of energy and constantly on-the-go, our former kneeboarding prodigy grew up in Ohio, bartended in Key West, won a few mixology contests, traveled the world, and ultimately fell in love with Maui.

In 1999, Johnny’s vision of spreading positivity evolved into his own clothing brand called, “​HI, I like you!​”

Years later, with the help of Maui Brewing Company and his mentors at Guru Ink, he was presented with the opportunity to start his own screen printing business on Maui! He called it Positive Apparel... which is still the heart and soul of Maui Screen Printing.

Brad 178X178

Brad: The Right-Hand Man

He’s been Johnny’s right-hand man for for over 10 years! With a Bachelor of science and a double minor in sales and marketing, Brad is a huge part of our success and overall growth. He manages everything from the office accounts to the weekend beer runs!

Joe 178x178

Joe: Our In-House Ninja

He's fast, he’s quiet, and he’s precise!

Joe moved here from Oregon with his wife and four beautiful kids. He dominates our M&R with over 12 years of printing experience and an arsenal full of tips and tricks he’s picked up along the way!

Kevin 178X178

Kevin: King of the ROQ

This quick witted, good-time Charlie keeps the whole shop rolling!

Originally hailing from Michigan, he initially moved to Maui to study nursing, but found screen printing along the way! There’s nothing that makes Kevin happier than a perfect tri-lock!

Spencer 178x178

Spencer: The Dungeon Master

Laidback and easy going, Spencer spends most of his free time kiteboarding along the North Shore.

With a variety of design and printing experience, he does everything from artwork to burning screens, and anything else we throw at him!

Beth 178x178

Beth: The Queen of Hell (The Dryer)

A videographer from Nashville, Beth moved to Maui after hiking the Appalachian Trail.

She keeps everyone organized and manages our inventory. She currently holds the shop’s speed-folding record of 720 shirts per hour!

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